Are You a Good Candidate for Solar Panels?

If you’re thinking about going solar, an important first step is to determine if you’re a good candidate.
Answer these questions before you install solar panels in Dallas.

How much do you pay for electricity?

Going solar replaces electricity from the grid with free solar energy. The conversion makes the most sense if it saves you money on your electricity bills. In general, you can expect to see savings if your bills average $75 or more per month. Maximize your investment by switching from gas-powered appliances to those that run on electricity before you install solar panels.

What’s the orientation and condition of your roof?

Solar panels work best on south- and west-facing roofs with full sun exposure. Composite and asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, and standing seam metal roofs are the most compatible with solar panels. You can also install panels on wood shake and slate tile roofs if you work with an experienced installer.

Your roof must also be in good condition to support solar panels. If yours is due for a replacement in the near future, it’s worth making the upgrade before going solar.

What’s the climate like where you live?

It’s possible to generate solar energy in all climates, from rainy Seattle to hot, dry Phoenix. Of course, the more sun your home receives, the more effectively your solar panels will perform.

Most of Texas, including Dallas, is located in Zone 3, meaning we receive five sun hours per day. This makes our area particularly suitable for generating solar power.

With the answers to these questions, you should know whether you’re a good candidate for solar panels. Learn more about setting up your home for solar by contacting the Dallas solar panel experts. for a free, no-obligation consultation.