How to Maintain Solar Panels

All mechanical and electrical systems require some degree of maintenance. Thankfully, because most solar panel arrays have no moving parts, they are incredibly reliable with hardly any effort on your part. As a result, solar manufacturers typically offer around 20-year warranties, and panels often last upwards of four decades.

While solar panels don’t demand in-depth care, occasional cleaning and maintenance can improve efficiency and extend their lifespan. Here’s how to ensure decades of reliable performance from your solar panels.

  • Safety first: Consult the manual for tips or warnings about cleaning your solar array. You may need to shut down the system as a safety precaution. Also, if you need to climb on the roof to clean your panels, wear sturdy shoes and use a safety harness.
  • Cleaning techniques: Spray water from a garden hose onto the panels. Scrub gently with a towel or sponge to remove dirt, and then rinse to remove debris. Use mild dish soap to remove stubborn stains. Avoid harsh cleaners, abrasive brushes, and high-pressure water.
  • Cleaning tips: Wait for a calm, overcast day to clean your solar array. Morning or evening is also best. These conditions prevent water from evaporating too quickly, which could leave mineral deposits on your panels. You can help prevent this by drying the panels with a towel or squeegee after the final rinse.
  • Seasonal inspections: While you should only need to clean your solar panels thoroughly once or twice a year, you may need to spot clean bird droppings or brush fallen leaves aside more often than this. To maximize performance, check your panels as the seasons change, especially if you notice a drop in efficiency.

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