Looking to get a solar roof installed in the
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Many of us hear about the advantages of solar panels, but we figure that making the changes are either too expensive or too risky. Blueroof is a not-for-profit organization that wants to educate those around the Dallas, TX area on the benefits and evolution of the solar panel industry. It is important to us that we create a future that will benefit the future generations to come and leave our world in a better place than where it was. Let us help you get a Dallas Solar Roof installed on your home.

BlueRoof is your link to the cutting edge of home energy

We have a default when it comes to our home energy costs. We barely look at our utility bills from month-to-month. Most of us pay what the bill states, and many of us may simply have automated payment structures that take money directly from our accounts. All that we know is that we need energy in our home, and there is no reason arguing about the cost of that energy.

As safe as this may seem, this is not the attitude that homeowners bring to other aspects of their lives.

BlueRoof is in Texas for a reason

Texas is the home of bravery and innovation. This is the state well known to be the most fiercely independent and freethinking hub of the South. We are here to ensure that all of that potential for progress and innovation does not stop at the front door of residents around the state. Solar panels have been proven to save the earth and save people money. This is why we hope to educate residents around the country of the benefits of solar energy and how to get involved.

How do we plan to accomplish this?

We start through education. People need to know the truth about solar panels. Energy is a hot topic with strong opinions that are for and against it. There is a truth, however, that supersedes most bias. Solar panels can save people money. Solar panels can save the environment. This is something that we want to share with the masses.

We connect our end-users to solar professionals who can explain everything about the technology in layman's terms. We also partner with companies that can help with the implementation of solar panels into the everyday lives of our clients. We do more than simply proselytize about new energy – we teach people how to incorporate this technology into their lives, step by step.

Why should I trust BlueRoof?

Our foundation is a non-profit, and our mission is about education and implementation, not money. You can come to us for information without any pressure to change your current lifestyle. Perhaps you simply need to monitor the solar industry before you make a decision about your well-being. We understand this – your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. You can monitor the industry through us.

There are very real benefits to connecting yourself to the next wave of energy technology. Give us the opportunity to help you understand where this industry is going in Dallas, TX and beyond. Give us a call or fill out the form on our website to begin your journey into a world of savings and new possibilities for homeownership in Texas and throughout the country.


We know that most people choose solar because of the financial benefits, but it’s nice to know that you aren’t harming the planet when you flip on the light switch.


Infinite, free energy. That is, until the Sun dies 5 billion years from now.


Most solar panel manufacturers include a 20 to 25 year warranty, plus the industry standard ensures you’ll still get 80% performance after 25 years.


If you connect with one of our solar experts, they can guide you through the entire, simple process.

Can Be Used
in Remote Locations

Solar panels can be installed virtually anywhere – all you need is the Sun

Long Lasting
Solar Cells

Solar technology is moving fast, and existing solar cells now last for decades

Your Money

Not only are there state and federal incentives that help with the upfront costs, but solar panels will decrease your electric bill, and studies have also shown that homes with solar panels also sell faster and for more money.

Helps to stop

Solar power produces zero carbon emissions, which means you are doing your part to help reduce our impact on the planet.

Solar Roofs

For homeowners, the cost of solar panels and installation has been falling precipitously in the last decade. Solar panel costs have reduced by more than 75% since 2010! Today it is possible to install rooftop solar panels for roughly $2.50 to $3 per Watt before tax breaks and approximately $2 per Watt after tax break. Depending on local energy costs, this roughly equates to 10-13 years return on your investment. Since solar panels typically are guaranteed for at least 25 years, this amounts to around 12-15 years of free energy for homeowners!